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During the later summer months, the water flow on the river is at the perfect level for river tubing. Our tubes, fitted with a patented tube cover provide you with the safest tubing experience out on the river. When you arrive at our SoCal shop in Kernville, your river tubing adventure begins! Once have created your booking and checked in we send you out to the deck to be outfitted. 


Our professional Kern River guide will provide you with your river gear, a trip overview and instructions for navigating the river, steering and maneuvering a tube and double blade paddle. You will learn how to do tube spins, ferry the river, and splash your best buddies with a special double-sided tubing paddle from inside your own river tube. Your river guide will accompany your group through three miles of low level river rapids where you will be navigating four rapids: “Big Daddy,” “Sidewinder,” “Freight Train,” and finally “Ewings.” Between every rapid there is a calm flow of water where you can chill out and relax on the river. 


We are also happy to offer complimentary tube shuttles for the rest of the day for you to continue the fun! Just return your gear and tube whenever you are ready to head back to your camp site, and make sure to come back and see us ASAP! 

Clothes you don't mind getting wet in.

Shoes! Either water shoes, sneakers you don't mind getting wet, or sandals with a heel strap. Flip flops and bare feet are not allowed.

Sunscreen (apply before your tour).

What not to bring

Anything you don't want to lose or get wet

Towels, backpacks, large water bottles


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